Vim Grammar

Using vim is like talking to your editor in number verb modifier object sentences, turned into acronyms


Enter nonzero number before the command, to repeat the command number times.


keyfunctionverb form
v visual selecttransitive
c change, enter insert modetransitive
d deletetransitive
y yank / copytransitive
xdelete charnon-transitive
i insert, enter insert mode, before the cursornon-transitive
a append, enter insert mode, after the cursornon-transitive
p pastenon-transitive
n Nfind next/previous search results of / or ?non-transitive


i inside
a around
t till find a character, not including the character
f find a character, including the character
/search downwards, find a string or regex
?search upwards, find a string or regex


w word
s sentence
b block / parentheses
p paragraph
t tag, for html/xml tags
G go to the last line
number G go to the number line
g g go to the first line, the same as 1 G
0number 0, to the first character of current line
$to the last character of current line



key sequence (command mode)function
xdelete the current character

Number + Key

key sequence (command mode)function
8 xdelete the next 8 characters
2 jmove down the cursor by 2 lines

Key + Object

key sequence (command mode)function
d wdelete to the end of the (next) word
c wdelete to the end of the (next) word, enter insert mode

Key + Modifier + Object

key sequence (command mode)function
d i wdelete the current word
c i wchange the word, enters insert mode
c i schange current sentence
c i "change inside " "
c i {change inside { }
c / f o ochange until next occurrence of foo
c t 8change everything from here until number 8
c f 8like above, but also remove the number
c a pchange the current paragraph
v a pvisually select this paragraph

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