C Language Operator Precedence and Associativity

From the reference link below, I made this C operator table for quick reference. Operator Table Priority Category Operator Associativity 1​ Unary Postfix ++ — Suffix/postfix increment and decrement, e.g., var++;. () Function call, e.g., func (param). [] Array subscripting, e.g., x=X[1];. . Structure and union member access, e.g., x=Param.x;. Read more…


Searching Principle of Nginx Location Block

Nginx uses location block to set configuration on different request URI. With prefix and regular method. From priority high to low is =, ^~, ~ and ~*, none. Nginx first checks locations defined by the prefix strings. Then checks the regular expression in the order of their appearance. There is a mechanism to determine which location block is used.